The fall came to Toronto. I’m a summer person, so the coming winter really stresses me out. Besides huge blanket and cup of hot chocolate, the only thing that warms me up now are all these fall engagement photo shoots! Every season has its own magic, but who can resist having all these colours on engagement (or wedding or any other) pictures? I decided to write an article with tips for all my couples to make organizing engagement photo session as simple and easy as possible.

When planning your wedding, one of the more important parts of this time in your life is the photos you’ll be able to look back on years from now. The photos that come from your wedding day will be really important, but your engagement photos will also be a fantastic memory you can hang on the wall as a token of this exciting time in your life as a couple. You’ll probably have lots of questions about what exactly will happen on the day of your engagement photos. We’ve created a two-part series on some tips to make your engagement session everything you ever thought it could be.


These aren’t just photos; they are photos that reflect your personalities at the start of your life as a married couple. The location of your engagement photos should be a spot that’s really special to both you. Is it a place that you have made special to you? Maybe the spot you got engaged or where you met. If you don’t have a spot like this, maybe there’s a spot that reflects who you are as a couple or an interest you share. If you are in a spot you feel most like yourselves at your photos will reflect this and your love and chemistry will shine through and be captured in your photos forever. Still, have no idea where you should take your pictures? No worries, just ask me and I will recommend something special for you.

Make it Personal

This isn’t a photo shoot for a catalogue – these photos are meant to capture who you two are as a couple.  There isn’t a script or process you have to follow, and you should make this day and time about the two of you. Do you love to laugh, or are you more serious together? Do you have cultural traditions you want to follow? Whatever it is that makes the two of you unique as a couple, take that and work it into your photos in some way.


There are certain times of day that make for better photographs. Sunset – or the golden hour – is typically the best time of day for your session. When scheduling your engagement session, keep that in mind. If you want this soft, bright, romantic look, book the photo shoot in the morning.


Pick clothes that make you feel your best. Do you prefer jeans to dresses? Sandals to dress shoes? No problem! When you’re comfortable in your clothes it shows through into the pictures. Photographs, where you’re wearing clothes that are uncomfortable, will make for stiff pictures where you and your fiancé look staged instead of like you’re having fun. For timeless photographs, it’s best to pick outfits without patterns, so solid colours, and ones that complement each other. Don’t be afraid to pick multiple outfits – especially if you’re taking pictures in multiple locations. You want outfits that reflect you and the space you’re in so just let me know you’re considering multiple outfits so I can offer any suggestions.


Are you both into running, or baseball, or art? Are there interests that make you two what you are as a couple? Items, or props, that reflect the things that draw you together and bond you will enhance the photographs and show your love for each other. These kinds of things will also make your engagement session unique, and special for both of you. If you want to use props but don’t know exactly what to use then check it with me, your photographer. I might think of something that is just right and fits perfectly. Take the time to make sure this session is exactly what you want.


If you’re unsure about some part – or parts – of your engagement photos just ask me. Photographers have lots of experience in this field and they know what works so they can give you lots of advice and answer your questions about this day. Don’t be afraid to ask anything, even if it’s small, because this event is a big part of your time as an engaged couple and these photographs will be a token of this joyous time.