Choosing the perfect spot for your engagement photos can be a challenge. You want the setting to be just right, the perfect lighting and a background that will compliment you and your fiancé in the best way. If you’re looking for that intimate, romantic setting for your engagement photo shoot in Toronto here are the five best locations in the GTA.


1. Humber Bay Park | Toronto

If you’re looking for a space with a variety of backdrops for your photos this is the perfect area! There’s a bridge for pictures with water in the background, or from the other side, you can capture part of the beautiful Toronto skyline. Located right off of Lakeshore Boulevard West, this green space is a little bit of quiet amid the noise of the city. You can capture incredibly intimate and romantic pictures on the water or within the trails and paths of this park.

style: natural, rustic, romantic, earthy

elements: natural paths, Toronto skyline, city view, beach, bridges

the best time to take pictures: mornings



2. Edwards Gardens | Toronto

Located next to Toronto’s Botanical Garden, this area is filled with perennials and roses to set up the perfect backdrop for your pictures. Imagine you and your fiancé standing in front of a wall of flowers, all perfectly in bloom, and your photographer capturing the perfect picture that shows the love you and your fiancé have for each other. This area also features green spaces and paths for walking around and many options for capturing all the shots you want.

style: natural, classy, romantic

elements: botanical garden, bridge, creek, flowers, kept lawns, waterfall, wooden stairs

the best time to take pictures: weekdays, mornings on the weekend



3. Centennial Park | Toronto

Love this park for how universal it is. You can take plants including pictures there even in the wintertime! The 12,00 sqft Centennial Park Conservatory Greenhouse includes a cactus house, a tropical house, and a show house.

Thinking about some fall engagement photos? The trees in this park turn vibrant shades of reds, oranges and yellows during the fall, setting the scene for gorgeous engagement photos. Whether you’re looking for something a little more playful and fun – like running around in the leaves – or something more serious and romantic with your partner, Centennial Park offers a backdrop for engagement photos you’ll be proud to show off for years.

And in the summertime: you will not find a greener place. We will hide behind massive weeping willows trees and take some most intimate and rustic photos.

style: natural, classy, romantic

elements: a Japanese garden, greenhouse, bridges, creek, kept lawns, ski hill, sports facilities, weeping willows

the best time to take pictures: all week, watch out for events



4. Humber Arboretum | Toronto

Are you looking for a little oasis in the middle of the city? The Humber Arboretum is the perfect spot for you! What’s amazing about this location is that, while the photos are stunning, you can also have your wedding in this same spot. It’s quaint and romantic, surrounded by beautiful and mature trees. There are many options here for perfect pictures and you won’t regret sharing those intimate, romantic moments with your partner here and having them captured forever.

style: romantic, airy, fresh

elements: gazebos, gardens, lake, bridges, hard surface trails, a huge variation of flowers and trees

the best time to take pictures: early mornings, Sunday’s evenings, getting very busy during the day especially on Saturdays. Watch out for weddings and other events




5. Scarborough Bluffs | Toronto

Standing above the shoreline of Lake Ontario, the Scarborough Bluffs are a major part of the Toronto waterfront. There are a number of parks that are located among the bluffs, so if one park has amenities you prefer over another you can select the spot that is just right for you. You can get the perfect shot of standing over the bluffs, at sunset with the water in the background.  If you and your fiancé are adventurous and enjoy the outdoors this location will mix you love of being outdoors with romantic engagement photos. Combine shots of you hiking along the paths with pictures on the edge of the bluffs with Lake Ontario in the background for the perfect mixture of fun and intimate engagement pictures.

style: airy, romantic, earthy

elements: lakeview, cliffs,  spectacular views of the bluffs, marina, beach

the best time to take pictures: early mornings, weekdays



6. Trillium Park & Ontario Place | Toronto

Toronto is home to many parks and green spaces, but Trillium Park is one of the best waterfront parks in the city – maybe even in Ontario. This park has over 7 acres of gorgeous green space on one of the most fantastic parts of Toronto’s waterfront. Here you’ll see joggers, families taking a stroll on the weekends, cyclists pedalling through and many other residents of the city. 

Taking pictures here, you can wander along the Bill Davis trail that is surrounded by natural trees and flowers. This trail will lead you to iconic locations in the park like the Romantic Garden – which is an open space that is designed for groups or families to gather and relax or play. This space, with its lush greens and rocks for sitting on, offers a great backdrop for some casual and relaxed pictures of you as a couple. 

My favourite parts of this park are extraordinary Toronto skyline views, modern architecture and overall a great mix of everything: beautifully planned landscaping, romantic spots, beach, and the cherry on the top: string lights on the Ontario Place side.

style: airy, romantic, urban, classy

elements: waterfront, Toronto skyline, urban design, wooden pavilion, bridges

the best time to take pictures: early mornings, evenings, weekdays



7. Toronto Music Garden

Located along Toronto’s inner harbour, the Toronto Music Garden is one of the most enchanted locations in the city and it makes for beautiful pictures. Inspired by Bach’s First Suite for Unaccompanied Cello, your pictures will have a rich background with all of its greenery. You and your fiancé can walk along the path while I capture the candid shots that always turn out best. 

style: urban, romantic, poetic

elements: scenic garden, waterfront, CN Tower, amphitheatre

the best time to take pictures: early mornings



8. Cherry Beach & Polson Pier | Toronto

Located at the end of Cherry Street, south of Unwin Avenue, Cherry Beach is a popular place to enjoy Toronto’s waterfront. This beach doesn’t have a boardwalk, but there is a rustic lifeguard station that gives you a unique, vintage look for your engagement pictures. This beach is pretty calm and is warmer than most other beaches in Toronto, so if you wanted a few pictures of dipping your toes in the water you’ll be met with warm water. 

Before heading over to Cherry Beach, we can visit Polson Pier – which gives one of the best views of the Toronto Skyline. This pier is located in Port Lands, which is a largely industrial area along the waterfront of Toronto Harbour. Here you can find an amusement area with areas for swimming, beach volleyball and even a driving range. If you and your fiancé enjoy any of these activities it gives us the perfect opportunity to get some shots of the two of you sharing in something you love.

style: urban, romantic, airy

elements: beach, guard station, Toronto Skyline, natural paths

the best time to take pictures: early mornings, evenings



9. HTO Park & HTO Beach | Toronto

This urban beach, which was created in 2007, has elements of a park, beach and golf course. One of the most notable features of this park is the sandpit that holds the iconic Muskoka chairs and giant, permanent yellow umbrellas. At night, when it’s dark, the park knolls are completely illuminated to make it enjoyable to enjoy evenings outside. 

This location makes a great spot for engagement pictures is you can enjoy a beach background right in the middle of the urban centre of Toronto. You and your fiancé can wander along the beach, at sunset, with your feet in the sand. We can also capture some perfect shots of your two splashing around and then just wander right over to the park for pictures with rich greenery in the background. 

style: urban, romantic, airy

elements: beach, guard station, Toronto Skyline, natural paths

the best time to take pictures: early mornings, evenings



10. Aga Khan Museum | Toronto

” The design of the Museum is inspired by a vision statement of “Light” by His Highness the Aga Khan. The notion of “Light” has been an inspiration for numerous human faiths and decades of history are referred to as the enlightenment. The Aga Khan had hoped that the building and the spaces around it will be seen as a celebration of light and the mysteries of light that nature and the human soul illustrate at every moment of our lives. ” ArchDaily

style: urban, modern, clean, airy

elements: lavender field, off-white granite slabs, water pools

the best time to take pictures: as there is nowhere to hide from the sun, only sunrise and sunset



11. Osgoode Hall | Downtown Toronto

I have been photographing at Osgoode Hall numerous times, and never got bored with this location. It looks different depends on the time of the year, day and light conditions. I feel like you can’t take the same pictures there twice. If you are into romance, elegance and great architecture, that’s the go-to spot. It’s one of the not that many locations in Toronto, where you don’t need any photography permit to take your pictures.

style: urban, contemporary, classic, chick

elements: neoclassical architecture, arches, garden

the best time to take pictures: anytime



12. Muskoka

There are many public beaches and all-year-round trails to take your wedding and engagement pictures. Just ask me, and I will share with you some of my secret spots.

style: natural, country, adventures

elements: scenic lookouts, lakes, forests, trails, gazebos

the best time to take pictures: anytime



13. Unionville | Markham

Unionville is special all year round, but if you are into Christmas, I can’t think about a better place in GTA where you can feel this European winter market’s feel.

style: contemporary, romantic, cozy

elements: charming street, cute shops, gazebo, parks, mill, old train station

the best time to take pictures: weekdays early mornings



14. Scotsdale Farm | Halton Hills

This hidden gem is just 1-hour drive from Toronto. The farm’s hills look breathtaking during the golden hour. You don’t need a photography permit here, but make sure there are no movies production at the time you want to take your photos.

style: natural, country, cozy

elements: heritage buildings, farm’s rolling hills

the best time to take pictures: anytime, but strongly recommend the golden hour on the weekday



15. Kawartha Lakes

What about a fall weekend gateway, paired with your cozy engagement shoot?

style: natural, country, cozy

elements: lakes, forests

the best time to take pictures: anytime



16. Old Mill | Toronto

You can take advantage of the exterior and interior hallways of an elegant Old Mill Toronto.

style: elegant, timeless

elements: walk-out patio, bridge, pond, garden, stone paths

the best time to take pictures: anytime



17. Holland Marsh Wineries | Newmarket

style: rustic, country

elements: barn, gazebo, vineyard, rustic shack, waterfall, carriage

the best time to take pictures: sunset



18. Distillery District | Toronto

The pedestrian-only Distillery District, set in quaint 19th-century buildings that once housed a large whiskey distillery, draws newlyweds and engaged couples to its cobblestone streets lined with hip indie restaurants, bars and boutiques.

style: contemporary

elements: outdoor sculptures, red brick, white stones,

the best time to take pictures: weekdays, early weekend mornings



18. Liberty Village

style: industrial

elements: red brick, steel, glass

the best time to take pictures: weekends



19. Richmond Green Sports Centre and Park | Richmond Hill

This huge park has a lot to offer as your wedding or engagement backdrop: the heritage gardens, pond, bridges, and a beautiful wedding garden gazebo.

style: romantic, natural

elements: gardens, waterfall, gazebo, arched bridge

the best time to take pictures: sunrise, sunset



19. University of Toronto – St. George Campus

style: elegant, romantic

elements: gothic architecture, lush trees, columns, ivy walls, old brick

the best time to take pictures: anytime



20. Kariya Park | Mississauaga

Ok, I know this is not Toronto, but I couldn’t ignore these Japanese-inspired gardens located in the heart of Mississauga. I Like how tiny this park, but packed with beautiful spots for your pictures.

style: natural, romantic

elements: duck pond, pavilion, cherry trees, rhododendrons, bridges

the best time to take pictures: anytime



20. Woodbine Beach & the Beaches Park

style: natural

elements: wide beach, lifeguard station

the best time to take pictures: sunrise and sunset during the weekday



21. Guildwood Park

style: elegant

elements: formal gardens, open-air theatre

the best time to take pictures: anytime