Engagement Photos with the CN Tower skyline | Featured at Amor Latino Unveiled

With the iconic CN Tower in the background, Trillium park in Toronto was the perfect place to capture the love Tamara and Nicolas share and take their engagement photos. These two have one of the most incredible love stories, and they’ve been through so many ups and downs in order to be together and build a life together.

Nicolas was born in Uruguay, and Tamara is Canadian but her family is from Uruguay. When Tamara was on vacation in Uruguay, spending time with family and friends, she was introduced to Nicolas. In the years to come, they would break up (more than once) and spend a lot of time apart. Eventually, they were brought back together and now, with Nicolas in Canada, they have found a way they can be together forever.

Getting to know each other better during Engagement Photos

Spending time with these two is like taking a trip to South America. The whole time we were taking pictures they were speaking Spanish to each other, and even dad a little salsa dancing as they laughed the entire time. Even though I had just met them, and started working with them, it was as though I have known them for my whole life. We had a great time together, the afternoon flew by, and they opened up to the idea of being comfortable in front of the camera right away.

While this couple has roots in South America, they looked completely at home right on the Toronto waterfront. The urban skyline of the city was the perfect backdrop for the romance and love these two obviously share.

What Trillium Park at Ontario Place has to offer for your engagement photos

We choose Trillium Park for their photoshoot because the park offers the perfect venue for gorgeous pictures. Around the park, there are many green spaces and gazebos to compliment your pictures without being overbearing. As I walked through the park with Tamara and Nicolas, many of the pictures I love the most came from candid moments where the couple was just being themselves and not posing for a picture. When a couple is so comfortable with each other it makes it so much easier to capture their candid moments, and not stage their pictures. In all of the pictures, Tamara and Nicolas are glowing with affection towards each other which also makes it that much easier to get those beautiful pictures.

Trillium Park is a great spot for taking engagement photos as it’s one of the parks in the city that you don’t need a permit to take pictures in (to be sure, check updates, as that can change anytime!). You can walk through the park for pictures that look like you went to several different locations even though you only went to one park.

I truly enjoyed all of the time I spent with this couple. They were so easy to get to know and were very comfortable in front of the camera. I cannot wait to photograph them in the years to come.