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Planning Wedding Day Your Way

You and your partner have dreamed about this day for a long time: the dress, the décor, the food, and being surrounded by all the love you could ever imagine. Planning a wedding should be a happy time where the bride and groom showcase who they are as a couple, but sometimes external influences start to change what this day looks like for you. It could very quickly start to feel like this special day isn’t really about you anymore, and it’s becoming more and more about the expectations other people have of you.

Looking for a Perfect Wedding Photographer in Toronto

Bonita and Gesnelson wanted to have a small, intimate wedding with their close friends and family because, as a couple, this is what they had dreamed their wedding would be. They knew that this day was about them, and their vision of showcasing their love for each other never waivered. When we first met, as a wedding photographer I asked them what pictures were the most important for them to take away from their wedding day. Immediately they both answered: pictures of us.

Gesnelson, who is the more romantic of the two, shared his desire for wedding pictures that are timeless and classic whereas Bonita was more about catching the candid snapshots of the day so they can remember it exactly as it was. As a wedding photographer, I strive to ensure I capture a couple’s special day so that it reflects exactly who they are and it tells a story about the wedding.

Bayview Golf Country Club Wedding Reception | Toronto

Wedding guests will always remember the experience they had at your wedding: the venue, the food, the drinks, and the environment. Luckily for the guests of Gesnelson and Bonita, this couple absolutely loves food – they even have their own YouTube channel for food reviews. A venue with fantastic food was a must-have for this couple on their wedding day, so they searched and searched for just the perfect place. Bayview Golf Country Club was exactly what they were looking into a wedding reception, and it was close to home for them. This beautiful golf course features lush greenery, and it was the perfect backdrop for some perfect pictures of their special day. Stopping by the pond, I was able to capture a few snapshots that truly showcased who they are as a couple: playful and deeply in love with each other.

Wandering further through the course, Bonita and Gesnelson felt so very comfortable with each other, and with me, so their wedding photographs have a timeless and romantic feel while still being candid enough to showcase the laughs they had together.

During their reception, guests were treated to simple, romantic hanging lights with bright white linens. This couple knew they wanted a small, intimate wedding and they found a wedding planner and florist who were able to bring their vision to life. Their florist displayed simple centerpieces with white flowers and rich green leaves, which complimented the deep greens of the golf course in the background, and Bonita’s dress beautifully.

This couple enjoys life as it comes, and they didn’t want their wedding day to be rushed or feel too scheduled. Both Bonita and Gesnelson wanted to make sure they could completely enjoy their day with their family and friends, and not worry about the timeline of events. While the bride and groom were getting ready for the ceremony, the wedding planner and florist were at the ceremony and reception area making sure everything was perfect for the big day.

Bonita took the time, in the morning, to laugh with her bridesmaid and family before walking down the aisle. Both the bride and groom wanted to make sure they spent this big day with the people who meant the most to them – their closest family and friends. There were some family and friends who were not included in their big day, but Bonita and Gesnelson had the most perfect wedding day for them and they would do it all over again.

While the perfect wedding will never look the same for any two couples, as a wedding photographer, I will make sure to capture your wedding day in the most perfect way for you. Your wedding is all about you and your partner. It’s so easy to lose the vision of what you wanted when the expectation of others starts to creep in. I will listen to you and make sure your pictures truly reflect who you are as a couple and the true love you share with your spouse.

Hair & Makeup: Sonia Dai Makeup & Hair Artistry

Wedding Planner: Pink Rose Occasion

Cake: Le Delice

Decor: Elite Eventz