How Maria & Aaron incorporated Traditional Elements into a Modern Wedding | Mississauga Wedding Photographer

I was lucky enough to meet Maria and Aaron for the first time just over two years ago in Brampton, which is where they purchased their first home together. They had just gotten engaged and were so excited to start planning their wedding day and looking for the Mississauga wedding photographer. As this couple is very outdoorsy and loves to hike, for the engagement pictures we picked a location where they spend a lot of time hiking, you can check this engagement photoshoot by clicking HERE

For their engagement pictures, they selected a local place where they frequently bike and hike together. This location was perfect as it was somewhere they discovered together when they first bought their home and they can look back on these pictures in 10 or 20 years and remember all the places they’ve been together and the memories they’ve built. Picking a location that means something to the engaged couple makes the pictures all that much more special.

Bride & Groom Geeting Ready

A year after their engagement shoot, their wedding day was here. Maria is originally from India, Goa specifically. All of her family still lives in India, and they made the long trip all this way so they can watch the couple get married. Since there were so many of Maria’s family members there, they wanted to make sure they incorporated some of her Indian heritage, along with the things they love as a couple, into their wedding.

We started the day at Maria and Aaron’s house, where the groom and his wedding party were getting ready. We took pictures there first and then went over to the home of Maria’s uncle where she and her bridesmaids were getting ready. Maria’s bouquet was designed by one of her friends so she had something very personal and custom to carry with her on this special day. Before the bride left the house, her whole family gathered to give her a traditional Indian blessing for a happy marriage.


Wedding Ceremony at Our Lady of Airways Catholic Church in Mississauga

The couple got married at Our Lady of Airways Catholic Church in Mississauga. This church holds a special place for this couple as they attend mass here every week. In addition to getting married in a church, they are a part of, Maria’s priest from India flew over with her family and took part in leading the ceremony with the priest from their local church. It was a unique touch that made their wedding ceremony that much more intimate and special, as this priest from India has been a part of Maria’s family for such a long time.


Wedding Photoshoot and Bridal Party Pictures at Humberwood Park, Toronto

The couple took their pictures at Humberwood Park after the ceremony, and at Carling Club – which is actually where the couple first met! The pictures were made that much more special that we were able to incorporate pictures of the place where the couple first met into the day where they got married.


Wedding Reception at Mississauga Grand | captured by Mississauga Wedding Photographer

Their reception began with a wedding march, which is a traditional game in India to help guests become better acquainted and get to know each other. As a candid, Mississauga wedding photographer it was a blast for me to take pictures of every guest taking part in this game! Everyone had a great time at their wedding – they danced and ate and laughed for hours!

Since Maria and Aaron love to cook, the couple gave guests homemade cooking spices as wedding favors to their guests so everyone could share in something they love so much. Since they love to cook so much, their reception had a mix of foods so that everyone had something to enjoy. In lieu of a traditional wedding cake, the couple served their guests pie, which is something they both love.

Couples often get caught up on how to properly incorporate their traditions and cultures when they want to make sure everyone is included. The best advice, as a Mississauga wedding photographer, is to take the elements that are important to the couple and include them however you feel it is right. A wedding day is a time for the couple to express who they are, and share in their love with their family. Take the traditions that matter to you, and bring them into your big day!