Hello there!

We are a team of passionate Toronto wedding photographers and videographers

Hi there, we are Natalia & Mat: a husband & wife who make a good team. We love working with loving & passionate couples by helping them feel confident in front of the camera and relaxed throughout the entire experience.

What excites us the most is capturing those perfect moments. And by perfect moments, we don’t mean the posed ones! We mean the authentic ones.  The candid ones.  The unprompted and spontaneous in-between moments: Like your mom’s eyes full of tears, your partner’s face glowing with love and your best friend’s crazy dances and laughs.

Planning our own wedding has helped us understand our couples on a completely different level. It’s important for us to hear your vision and understand your specific wants. We want to have your back by being able to capture every single moment of your wedding day so you can look back at your favorite moments and at the moments you may have missed on your busy day.  It was only after our wedding, through our photos, that we even remembered what our venue and cake looked like!  We were so overwhelmed, that we didn’t really remember the details until we looked back at our photos.  So, we understand how important it is to capture these moments.  We got your back… Literally!

If we had to describe ourselves with one word, it would be passion. We are constantly looking for new challenges and ways to improve.⠀

When we are not photographing weddings, we love to meet new people, travel together, spend time outdoors canoeing, hiking, sunbathing and fishing. We brew IPA beer, struggle to go to the gym regularly and watch too much Netflix.

Whether you are a traveler, culture explorer, gardening enthusiast or food lover, we can’t wait to hear about it! We are excited that you found us! We can’t wait to meet you and create something special together.

Photos were taken by the amazing photographer: Bartosz Palus https://www.instagram.com/bartpalus/

About Natalia

My background is in architecture, which taught me how to assess my client’s best angles and pick the most beautiful scenery for the shots. I will be directing you through the entire photo-shoot process (for example tell you what to do with your hands), so there is no room to feel awkward.

Studying and working at the same time has taught me how to be a great planner and handle various situations at one time. Situations like: There are only 10 minutes left instead of 60 for the photos?! Is there a snowstorm outside and you really wanted to have the picture with the Toronto streetcars?…  Don’t worry, I already have a back-up plan in my head.  If needed, I can be your advocate, helper or just a friend. I know how to attach a heavy veil to your hair and crack a joke over a glass of wine.

About Mat

Mat’s background is in sound and vision engineering. He puts a lot of planning and creative thinking into your video to tell a complete & unique story of your special day. It is evident that his jokes, funny stories and laugh make people so comfortable around him.  This truly allows him to capture the most emotional and candid moments.

Jestesmy polskimi fotografami z Toronto i mówimy po polsku.

What we do

  • GTA Wedding Photography & Videography
  • GTA Engagement Photography
  • Family Photography
  • Event Photography and Videography (Baby shower, Birthday party, Engagement Party, Baptism etc.)
  • GRA Real Estate Photography
  • Commercial Photography and Videography